Kamis, 25 Mei 2017

I prior

Chris Atkinson was a starving realtor before he began his network marketing career with Ambit Energy. Debbie was a Registered Nurse when she met Chris just two weeks prior to joining him in Ambit. In October, 2006, they began their network marketing career, which has allowed them both to retire from their previous jobs. Winners of the Thompson Leadership award, Impact award, Crystal Sphere award, People's Choice award twice, they have three sons, and live in Kemah, Texas.Debbie Roy Atkinson was working two jobs, 60 hours a week as a Registered Nurse in a hospital emergency room. Her life changed forever when Chris Atkinson called to show her the Ambit Opportunity. Debbie recalls, 'I told Chris I had no time to do this, but he wouldn't take no for an answer.'

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